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You might have specific issues you would like some help with. Our professional youth workers are always available for a chat about any issues affecting your life, these may include but aren't limited to the following;

Have you got problems with the police, criminal justice system or youth offending service and are you struggling to get your life back on track? Speak to our youth workers, who will support you whatever your situation…

Education, Employment and Training
Are you not in education, employment or training and/or do you have questions about which step you should take next? Our youth workers are here to help and give you some direction.

Have you got questions about the meaning of life and would you like to talk about faith? Salmon is a Christian youth centre and we are always available to talk about faith issues.

Would you like advice or a listening ear on issues around drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, relationships, feelings and emotions, fitness or healthy eating? Our youth workers are available to have a chat with you!

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