Apprentice Exchange Blog – Turkey 2022


We asked one of our apprentices, Chris, to share some thoughts on our recent Erasmus Trip to Turkey. Here's what he had to say...

The Salmon team and I had the opportunity to travel to Turkey which was an unbelievable opportunity that most people don’t get. Our guide from Zoom Media who accompanied us, took care of us and helped us to navigate our way around the Turkish language barrier.
We arrived in Izmir and the cold took us by surprise when coming off the plane. We arrived quite late and the only food place that was open at the time was a Turkish McDonald’s. It wasn’t the best meal ever but we were all in ok spirits and we made the most of it.We stayed at Lions Park Hotel in Aydin (which is a 4.8 star hotel). The rooms were spacious and all had mini fridges, TVs, balconies and bathrooms. The beds were lovely and soft and we enjoyed the thick duvets.We spent the span of our trip visiting Kent College, in Aydin, which was running a course for 5 days, which we took part in. We spoke to some famous Turkish journalists about fake news and it’s impacts, while also going into detail about the benefits that groups such as politicians can gain from sponsoring the spread of such news.For our dinners, the Salmon team and I tried multiple Turkish dishes such as Chicken Shish, Lahmacun and Turkish made Steak house burgers. This was arguably the best part of the trip!A lot of the time the Salmon team and IĀ  were surprised by the pricing of the items of Turkey. Because pounds when exchanged to Turkish Lira equates to quite a bit of money, we had the opportunity to buy clothes shopping and to indulge in Turkish cuisine.Overall it’s an experience that I am grateful for and glad I took when the opportunity arose. I learned many things about the culture and cuisine in Turkey that is something that everyone should be able to experience if they get the chance.

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