Salmon’s Young Artists Exhibit in Southwark Park Gallery


The project titled 'From Them, To Us, We Move' was designed and thought through with the young people of The Salmon Youth Centre. The young people understanding the historical importance of the Salter's to Bermondsey, collaborated to create every facet of this poignant piece of art. It is a creative piece of art which in many ways says Thank you to Alfred and Aida Salter.

Eugene (Salmon’s Artist in Residence) and the young artists were delighted when they received an encouraging note of thanks and support from Dame Judi Dench in recognition of their hard work and contribution to the installation.

Information about the installation can be found below.

In 1910, personal tragedy struck when the Salters’ only child, Joyce, then eight years old, died of scarlet fever in one of the periodic epidemics that swept through the slums, having been infected twice before. Joyce’s photo was daily decorated with flowers and ivy leaves in Alfred’s study.

The work displayed here (Installation/Sculpture) is titled
‘From Them, To Us, We Move’
Materials:  Doctors coat, Plants, Garden Tools, Collage, Drawing Board, Stethoscope, Bag of Sand, Drawing, Image Transfer, Umbrella and Photocopied Images.
Date. September 2022
Category of work: Installation/Sculpture

Southwark Park Galleries

1 Park Approach,
Southwark Park,
SE16 2UA

11 September –  10 October 2022 //Lake Gallery Exhibition Open: Wednesday// Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday //
1am – 5pm

Featured artists and contributors include:
Eugene Ankomah// E.F. Ball // Nigel Moyce // Paul Butler // Jane Deakin // Diane Gorvin // Petef and Sue Rogers // Sarah Vaughan // Karin Wach and Leanne Werner

This exhibition celebrated Ada (1866 – 1942) and Alfred Salter (1873-1945), the remarkable couple who transformed Bermondsey (South London) in the first half of the 20th century through social reform, improvement of health and housing, and a ‘beautification’ programme. In 1922 Ada became 

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