We conquered the Tough Mudder


Well, we came, we climbed, we crawled, we cried, but we conquered the Tough Mudder London South on Sunday afternoon, the Salmon club members made it across the line in one piece…just a little banged up from the arduous climbs, frozen from the ice bath and frazzled from 10,000 volts of electricity wracking their bodies as a final farewell.

Salmon staff, young people and supporters completed the 10 kilometre, 20 obstacle tough mudder challenge. It was an opportunity to grit out teeth and come together knowing that we couldn’t do it on our own, we needed each other. The team, supported, motivated and carried each other every step of the way with no member left behind. There were plenty of knocks and bruises, ice cold water plunges, freezing mud swamps and endless obstacles to climb, but the camaraderie saw us through.

Many thanks to Ben lamping and the Reframe Capital Team, Gallup Team and Thirdway group team who all participated and helped raise funds to supply 500 hot, healthy meals a week for young people. Each day as young people enter club they can receive a plate of hot nutritious food. This is a huge help for parents and families during this cost of living crisis. 

As of last night, with thanks to your kind contributions, we’ve just nudged past our fundraising target of £1,500, but every little bit helps, if you would like to donate please click on the link below


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