CJ on a Mission…


CJ has a unique role at Salmon in that she is both a staff member and an apprentice – at the same time! In this blog, we get to find out a little more about CJ, her role here and what brought her to Salmon in the first place…

So what do you do at Salmon, CJ?

CJ: I am the Missions’ worker for Salmon so I help to put Christian aspects into the work we do. I also link up with local churches and schools to make more connections between Salmon and the local community.


What were you doing before Salmon? 

CJ: Before working at Salmon I worked in a church in Birmingham, helping run their food bank and also assisting in their youth work. What brought me to Salmon was that I was visiting a friend in South East London and when I was getting the train, I saw the Salmon Youth Centre sign so I had a quick look online and saw that they had apprenticeships going. At this time my work at the church in Birmingham was coming to an end and I felt like this would be the perfect thing to move onto to grow and develop my youth work skills.


What clubs are you involved in?

CJ: I’m involved in 10-13’s girls & mixed club, 14+ club, 6-9’s & 10+ dance, Girls fitness, trampolining club, 6-9’s mixed club, Mixables club, and 14-16’s club. I also help out with Salmon Sunday.


What do you like most about Salmon?

CJ: What I’m loving about Salmon so far is how there is such a wide variety of things for the young people to do and that the team listen to what the young people want and try do as much of those things as possible.

What are your plans for your future career?

CJ: I’m not actually 100% sure what I want to specifically do in the long run, but I know I want it to involve working with young people and children.

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