Mehmet’s Adventure in Tower Bridge


Memhet Hussein (15) has been volunteering at Salmon for a few months and has been involved in a range of activities from helping during sessions and working closely with staff members with admin tasks.

Here is his account of his visit to Tower Bridge:

I went to Tower Bridge to see the engines that open up the bridge.

Tower Bridge was built on the 21st June 1886. It took 432 construction workers a day to help build Tower Bridge. It took 8 years to build Tower Bridge and it cost £1,184,000 to build. The bridge is lifted by a hydraulic pump.

On the visit of Tower Bridge we saw the four steps to opening the bridge and we watched a video of how Tower Bridge was constructed.

The experience was good because it showed me how Tower Bridge was constructed and how it opens. My favourite machine to see was the hydraulic pump.

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