Health & Wellbeing

We aim to improve young people's Health & Wellbeing, and encourage the development of long term healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.

This work takes place throughout our open access clubs and specialised sessions, including adventure, football, trampoline, fitness sessions and mentoring opportunities.

A holistic approach

We aspire to a holistic approach in all our work and creating spaces for young people to explore their spirituality is important to us as we feel that this can often be neglected. Examples of this would be reflective discussion activities in our chapel and arts projects focusing on prayer and faith.

Developing young people into healthy adults

An underlying principle of our work is to seek to enable young people to explore and start to take responsibility for their own health & well being, and to help them to see that they have the power to make positive changes in their lives. We believe that this will help young people develop into healthy adults who are able to make a success of their relationships, education and vocation.