My apprenticeship, one month in (Timon’s story)


24-year-old Timon is just over a month into his Youth Work Apprenticeship at Salmon, which he's enjoying so far. Read on to find out why...

I found out about Salmon around three or four years ago when I was working at another youth club. I came here on a trip to use the trampoline and bungee (adventure) equipment.

My friend Derrick started his apprenticeship here around that time. About two years later he told me there might be an opportunity to get an apprenticeship at Salmon but I needed to do a week’s trial during the summer holiday.

Volunteering during the Summer Scheme was really fun. It revealed to me lots of things Salmon has to offer to the young people. I enjoyed myself, and what made it more enjoyable after it ended, was that the following week I was accepted to start my Youth Work apprenticeship.

After two weeks of being an apprentice, I had the opportunity to go to Germany! It was such an experience to learn about the country’s history and to check out the youth centres there.

I have also started a Multi-Sports course. I have completed two days already and learnt a lot – such as how to make sports fun and use games to include everyone.

In conclusion, I am really enjoying my apprenticeship so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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