Apprentice Blogs 2021: Oneisha


I am Oneisha, an 18 year old care leaver from South East London, who is determined to challenge the stereotypes of young people especially those that struggle with the education and care system. I want to use my past experiences to help make a difference and inspire others.

Over the many years and challenges that I have faced, I have used the RAF Air Cadets as a positive outlet in doing so I have achieved many awards and qualifications. Attending cadets has earned me many skills such as: leadership, organisation, independence and discipline. I also hope to incorporate my love for media and music into youth work positively.

In future, for myself I dream to live a life full of purpose and be recognised for the service that I have produced to young people. I would like to travel abroad to study different types of youth work and familiarise myself with the different education and care systems. In addition, I want to explore different aspects of working with young people i.e., the justice system, mentoring etc. In doing all of these things I hope I can open my own youth provision where young people can access the resources and opportunities required to make a positive contribution to society.

During lockdown I encountered a new chapter in my life which was moving from a semi-independent hostel to a semi-independent stand-alone flat. Moving into this chapter in my life was delayed due to COVID-19 which made me feel frustrated as I was ready to proceed with my life and start a fresh. In contrast, moving into my flat was the best thing for me as being in lockdown, in a hostel, was difficult to cope with and it burnt me out. However, being in lockdown and moving into my flat allowed me to develop myself as a young adult and gave me time to experiment in the kitchen as I am in the comfort of my own home.

From this apprenticeship I have gained a Level 2 qualification in food hygiene and safety which has enabled me to run cooking sessions with the young people. I have also enhanced my music skills which has made building relationships with the young people easier. Doing this apprenticeship has also made me focus more on my personal wellbeing which has allowed me to create balance in my life and healthier long-lasting relationships. During my time at Salmon, not only have I been a youth worker, but I have also gained some transferable skills such as admin and adaptability whilst gaining a deeper understanding of God. All of these experiences have made Salmon enjoyable!

So far, I feel like I have grown in different aspects. I have enhanced my confidence and leadership skills and with that I have become more driven to take on a career in youth work. At the end of this apprenticeship, I hope to take forward a level 3 qualification in youth work to help me fulfil my future plans, as well as taking the essential skills that I have gained and incorporating them into my everyday life.

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