Lost in Art with Moses Kanneh


Five years ago in May 2013, Moses Kanneh, then 23, launched his first solo exhibition at Salmon Youth Centre, under the guidance of Salmon’s Art Tutor, Eugene Ankomah.

Last week, Moses completed a four-week showcase at the Shortwave Café in Bermondsey for his second solo exhibition, 'Lost In Art’.

We caught up with Moses – still a regular presence at Salmon – to find out more about this exhibition and his journey to date as an artist.

Salmon: How did this exhibition come about?

Moses: The preparations for the show began the moment a friend of mine asked me if I was going to do another art show, in continuation of my first show at Salmon. I didn’t quite know what to tell him as at the time I was trying to figure out if I should continue painting or not. The question of doing another art show did make me think and I began asking myself, “What will I bring out next? What will I do differently from the show before? How can I improve? What will it be about?” and so on. Soon enough, my questions translated themselves into canvases and ideas and soon a new concept was born, and there I had my work cut-out for me.

Salmon: What was the inspiration behind the theme ‘Lost In Art’? What works did you display at the exhibition?

Moses: The theme ‘Lost In Art’ came from a personal hunger and desire to just simply create something that would be raw, untamed, innate, authentic, creative and meaningful. Something that would carry a sense of value and adventure and a sense of loss and gain; but also to create something that would celebrate my creativity and the themes of imagination, creativity and exploration. In this exhibition I displayed an eclectic mix and array of paintings on canvas. I was able to exhibit 14 out of the 15 pieces of works created.

Salmon: How do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist since your first art exhibition at Salmon, both in terms of the kind of work you produce and your awareness of your art as a product?

Moses: It’s a good question because this is something I feel my former self was looking forward to. I believe and know for sure that I have definitely improved a lot from my very first show as there are things that I am doing now that I wished I could have done in the past, but it’s all part of the learning curb. I have always seen the potential of my work as a product but lacked the experience and know-how of how it all works. I guess I could say that I’m now very aware of my work being a product, which is perfectly fine as it’s something I’ve always wanted it to become. The best thing is that it doesn’t change or interrupt my workflow.

Salmon: What do you do outside of art?

Moses: I eat, sleep, drink and do normal things! But on a more serious note I’ve picked up some new skills in music and IT while making time to meet new people and enjoying life.

Salmon: So, what’s next for you as an artist over the next five years or so?

Moses: I’d like to build and develop my very own creative arts business, while exploring and doing other things along the way. Travelling is absolutely on the list so who knows where I’ll be this time in a few years!

Photo credits: Stefon Grant

Eugene Ankomah

Youth Worker, Arts (P/T)
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