Newsletter // Feb 22


Celebrations & Updates.

– Half-term: We had a great half-term full of activities and trips away for our young people to enjoy. For starters we took groups go-karting and ice-skating for winning the Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement Awards over the previous term. Alongside this we ran a number of in-house art and music sessions which gave us a great opportunity to work in more depth with those young people who were facing challenges inside and outside of school.

– New Apprentices: We took on 5 new apprentices in February. We will be introducing them to you over the coming months so watch this space!

– FOCUS ON: ‘With’ Girls Residential –
Emma Oyediran

We took 11 girls, aged between 11-14, away to ‘With’ in Norwich for what turned out to be a rather eventful weekend. 2 nights, storm Eunice, 6 hour power cut…what a trip!

The With community, as usual made us feel at home and were great hosts. The girls were taken on a tour of the With grounds; the chapel, the houses, allotment and we were taken aback by the gorgeous sunset as we stood together in one of the fields at 4.50pm. We took a note of the time because we planned to go back there the following day to get some good selfies!

The girls had loads of opportunities to be creative through painting and writing encouraging notes on plaques or bunting. They then got to sew the bunting together using the sewing machine. This is where we realised how talented one of the girls was on the sewing machine.

Our focus on this trip was to get the girls out of their normal pattern of life and to discuss relationships; family, romantic, friendships. We looked at TV clips and got the YP to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships, and boundaries and expectations within that. This discussion took place in 2 groups; the younger girls, aged 11, and then those age 12 and over. This proved to be a great time of hearing the YP’s thoughts and understanding of relationships. We were then able to input our wisdom and share knowledge where it was deemed necessary.

During the day the girls were eager to help out with cooking, either at lunch or breakfast and they took part in washing the dishes, drying, etc., all in the name of teamwork. Although there was a dish washer, shhhhh!!

In order to fill the evenings we played late night hide and seek in the forest, lots of in-house charades, Uno and sat out chatting and looking up at the nights sky.

Overall, despite some weather-related adjustments (and a few minor disputes between our YP as they worked out living alongside one another!) we were able to have a productive weekend that gave all of our girls a chance to breathe and reflect given the fast-pace of their everyday lives.

In signing off we want to again say a big thank you to With for all their support and for hosting us.


Upcoming Events.

Memorial Event for Jimi Olubunmi-Adewole: Sunday 24th April

R1 – Bermondsey-wide Youth Event: Friday 25th March



New gym equipment: We want to say a big thank you to Southwark Council’s – ‘Cleaner, Greener, Safer’ fund for our brand new equipment. The fund went towards 2 exercise bikes, a rower and a treadmill.

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