Salmon Basketball Teams Triumph at Tournament


The Salmon Youth Centre U15s basketball team gain top spot, with the u19s coming 3rd.

Salmon Youth Centre’s basketball teams showcased their outstanding talent during the half-term break when they participated in an exciting basketball tournament organized by London Youth and sponsored by the London Basketball Association (LBA). The event, which took place at New City College in Hackney, brought together young athletes from various basketball teams and youth centre‚Äôs. Both the under-15 and under-19 teams from Salmon Youth Centre demonstrated remarkable skill, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the competition.

In a thrilling display of basketball prowess, Salmon Youth Centre’s under-15 team emerged as champions of the tournament, outshining their competition. Despite facing opponents with high-quality players, including some from the London Lions, the young athletes demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience, ultimately securing 1st play in the tournament. The victory was a testament to their dedication and teamwork.

The under-19 team also gave their all on the court, showcasing their commitment and skill. Competing against formidable opponents, they reached the semi-finals and secured a commendable third-place finish. Their tenacity and sportsmanship were on full display as they battled their way to a 3rd place finish.

The success of Salmon Youth Centre’s basketball teams was met with pride and enthusiasm from the coaching staff. Sports Coach Nhyira, commonly known as “Ish,” along with Stevan and Youth Work/Session Leader Derrick, expressed their admiration for the athletes’ hard work and dedication. The coaching staff highlighted the positive attitude and teamwork exhibited by the players, emphasizing that the experience and effort put in were more important than the final outcome.

Both teams left the tournament in high spirits and a sense of achievement, knowing that they had accomplished something special. The young athletes’ success is not only a testament to their talent but also to the mentorship and guidance provided by their dedicated coaches.

The Salmon basketball teams have once again proven their mettle on the court, solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the London basketball scene. As they continue to develop their skills and grow as a team, the future looks bright for these young athletes, and their community can undoubtedly expect more achievements in future tournaments.

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