Schools Out, Salmon’s Open


Week one of the Summer kicked off with 193 young people attending Salmon. A week of fun, laughter, making new friendships and learning new skills.

Salmon ran two weekly holiday schemes, one for the primary and one for the secondary age groups. As well as evening sessions for the 14-19 age groups.

The one thing young people told us time and time again… ‘this is the only thing I have planned for the summer. I have nothing else to do, after this my summer is going to be boring.’

As the primary aged group arrived, they were split into four teams. Throughout the week they had a (friendly!) competition between the 4 teams the Red Falcons, Blue Champions, Saint Emeralds and Golden Stars including a giant game of tug of war, a talent show and a sports day, in a close competition the Saint Emeralds came out on top. It was amazing for so many young people to have a chance to take part in adventure and many of them managed to do the giant swing for the first time which is a great achievement. Young People also took part in activities such as, Art (decorating sports vests), Cooking (fruit sushi), Sport (dodgeball, basketball and football), plus lots of bouncy castle time, making loom band bracelets was also a very popular activity. Fifi one of our young leaders did a ‘thought for the day’ on ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ ahead of our highly competitive sport day.

The Secondary age group started each day with a big group game; an opportunity to raise the heart rate, have fun and meet new friends. There was a number of new and exciting activities for the young people to get involved in: Music-learning the fundamentals of the piano/keyboard and recording lyrics, Art- text through art on tiles as well as Cooking sessions, and a whole host of sports.

The 14-19s attended in their numbers to play basketball, workout in the gym, write and record lyrics in the music studio and get creative in the art studio. There was also the offer of a space to chill, play; PS, Xbox, Table tennis and pool.


On the Friday 28 young headed to the Olympic Park to the Arcelor Orbit slide. What an experience. Many were afraid. Most overcame their fears but everyone was encouraged and congratulated by their peers.

Each of the four teams in the primary age group took a trip to the Hollywood bowl each day to test their bowling skills with their new friends and teammates.

Young Leaders

There were 14 young leaders that supported the play schemes. They had an essential youth work training day to prepare them for the week. The young leaders we were an integral part of our team and applied themselves to their work well, they led with great maturity and were able to use their training to solve problems and manage issues that arose. Many of the young leaders had excellent skills in working with children. There was also time for them to get to know each other and bond as a team.

The week was made possible though a grant from The Jack Petchey Foundation and St Olave and Bermondsey United Charities. We are hugely grateful to both for their generous contribution and support.

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