In my brother’s footsteps: Jagdeep’s work experience journey


My name is Jagdeep. I’m 15 years old and I go to Kingsford Community School where I am studying art, business and history, and the other compulsory topics.

I’m also very commonly known as Friday’s (a former Young Leader and volunteer at Salmon) brother, seeing as he is very popular at Salmon, or “Thursday” for obvious reasons. I’ve also been given many other different nicknames but I’m not going to get into it because they’re embarrassing but still very funny!

First time at Salmon…

The first time I heard of Salmon was when my brother introduced me years ago. I instantly had a smile on my face after finding out they had a rock climbing wall, which is something I really enjoy.

Also, looking at Eugene’s art room amazed me because I’d never seen something so extremely creative and so full of creative destruction. Eugene also has really cool shoes as well, something I might copy because it’s awesome!

Choosing Salmon for work experience

One of the few reasons I decided to do work experience at Salmon was to be in a different environment that introduces me to something I enjoy, which is youth work. This also allows me to boost my confidence, which is something I am working on by talking to new people and introducing myself to all the other employees.

Overall Salmon is just a great environment to work in. I’m also really happy that all the workers are so nice, especially Alex because he always has a smile on this face, Sy because he is just a guy who you can have banter with, and everyone else are just nice people to be with.

During my work experience I learnt the structure of Salmon, which allows me to have better time management. I also learnt better communication and being comfortable making small mistakes and learning from them.

Future goals

In future I would like to go to film school and get into film as a career. I had a really fun work experience at Salmon and would like to thank everyone there for making it happen.

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