Growing future leaders: Romario’s apprenticeship goals


Romario is currently doing a one-year Youth Work apprenticeship at Salmon Youth Centre. Here he shares his motivation for joining Salmon and what he hopes to gain out of his time here...

Hello, my name is Romario and I’m 21 years old.

I’m currently doing a one-year Youth Work apprenticeship at Salmon Youth Centre.

I found out about Salmon and the apprenticeship opportunity through my support worker who spotted the role online.  At first I was reluctant to apply as I wasn’t sure I would get it, but after thinking it over I went forward with the application.

I was invited to the centre over the summer to volunteer in the summer holiday schemes and see how I would be in this type of working environment. I came with an open mind and a willingness to learn. I was happy to be offered the apprenticeship later on in the year.

Working with different age groups…

When I started the apprenticeship, I did not know what age group I wanted to work with. I still do not have a specific favourite age group now, but what I do know is that each young person I meet comes with a different personality.

I find it enjoyable because they all have some type of path that they want to go down and it’s just for us to help guide them to that path. Also, all the different age ranges have one thing in common and that is they all want their voices to be heard.

I would like to make more of a connection with the young people I’m working with in my time here. I would like for them to hopefully see me as a role model, and for me to be a part of growing the future leaders here at Salmon.

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