Away from home with the Mixables: Sy’s blog


This summer we took a group of Mixables on a fun, week-long residential trip to Hindleap Warren Outdoor Centre in East Sussex. In this blog Sy, our Youth Work Apprentice, shares his experience of the trip…

Hindleap Warren is an amazing place with amazing and respectful people.

We went for five days and four nights. We took 10 people from our Mixables group and they loved every minute of the trip.

The site had amazing opportunities to enjoy yourself and a lot of really engaging and fun activities such as archery, rock climbing, zip wire, abseiling, swimming and pentagon high rope.

The young people grew in confidence throughout the days of being there and over the course of the activities.

The best part of the trip for me was spending some quality one-to-one time building stronger relationships with the young people and seeing the young people progress through the week and facing their fears.

Overall this trip was very inspiring. In my own journey at Salmon, I feel I am developing myself over time and growing in confidence, which is very important to me as a person.

I am also learning a lot about myself at the moment, such as that I am capable of many things, and I’m finding ways of sharing the knowledge I have with young people and using the gifts I have to develop them.

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