Our Youth Work Model

Salmon’s youth work model is based on the foundation of “open access” for all young people. Our multi-purpose facilities and skilled staff members provide a safe, stimulating place and purpose for young people from the ages of six to 25.

We support young people’s transition to adulthood

Salmon membership is free and once the young people are here, we work to promote positive change in them and support their transition to adulthood in three key ways:

  • Improving young people’s Health & Wellbeing and encouraging the development of long term healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices;
  • Involving young people in positive Community Engagement by improving their ability to relate to others, boosting their volunteering activities and also their political and spiritual awareness.
  • Preparing young people for Education & Work with the overall aim of improving their educational attainment, providing access to relevant training opportunities and supporting them in gaining meaningful employment.

We work with children as well as young people (ages 6-9s, 10-13s and 14+) and engage them in activities such as socialising, sports, adventure, drama, dance and music. Our work involves engaging with young people on a one to one level as well as in small and larger groups. We also do detached youth work, outreach and mentoring, day and residential trips. We do targeted work e.g. with girls, disabled young people and in providing prison after-care support.

Good relationships are key
In order to achieve our three key objectives, we concentrate on building good relationships with young people through various activities. We provide over 32 sessions and maintain 60 mentoring relationships a week and we run 60 day trips and 10 residentials a year.

Building good relationships opens the door that enables us to provide support to all young people and especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. This may involve dealing with challenging behaviours or intervening in crisis situations and addressing the multi-faceted issues these young people often face.

The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey has been reaching out to young people in inner city London for over a hundred years.

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Health &


We want young people to be healthy & feel happy within themselves and their environment.


& Work

We want to improve young people’s prospects in education & work.



We encourage young people to engage positively with their community.