Gift a life-changing residential experience

Your gift of £250 will help fund a young person to go on a life-changing UK residential for up to a week.

For many young people, a residential course, camping with Salmon is literally a life-changing experience. For most, it will be their first time away from their family, or even out of London. Salmon residential courses range from a few nights to a week; sometimes longer if overseas. Your support will enable a young person to encounter invaluable new experiences, build independence outside of the home and strengthen the relationship with other young people they would not normally talk to or associate with, including exposure to new cultures and lifestyles

‘I went to Auschwitz with a group of young people from other youth centres at a time when London postcode gang wars were rife.  I began to understand the repercussions of using borders to divide people, and how the link between something as seemingly small-scale as a postcode war and a world war has far-reaching repercussions, even leading to genocide. It taught me how bad it is to separate yourself from people because of gender and race. I’d like to do something to help change the divisions that create such suffering”

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