Gift a life-changing residential experience

Your gift of £250 will help fund a young person to go on a life-changing UK residential for up to a week.

A residential experience has so many benefits for a young person: it allows them to increase their independence skills outside of home, to build on life experiences outside the area they live in, and to form or strengthen relationships with other young people they wouldn’t normally talk to or associate with.

“I enjoyed the residential because we got to explore nature. It was a good opportunity for me to leave my parents, so I can be more independent.” – Kurtis, 10

Salmon residentials can be anything from a few nights to a week and sometimes longer overseas.

For many of the young people, a camping residential with Salmon is literally a life-changing experience as it is their first time camping and their first time being away from their parents or carers.

Please donate to help gift disadvantaged young people with a memorable lifetime experience.


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