A taste of youth work: 4 work placement students share their experience…


Four young people from City of London Academy joined us for a one-week work experience placement earlier this month to get a taste of what it’s like to be a youth worker.

Here Nasrine, Adam, Melanie, and Milad, all aged 15, tell us what they learnt in their time here…

Nasrine (first picture):

I heard about Salmon Youth Centre through one of my friends explaining about how many activities there is here at the centre. I was intrigued and started attending on Wednesdays and Fridays during mixed club, which is for both boys and girls aged 14+.

During these sessions, many activities are held: trampolining, football, pool, basketball etc. I’ve now been attending Salmon for about a year and I enjoy spending my time here as I have many friends here.

This led me to make a choice to do my work experience placement at Salmon with one of my friends, Melanie. I have been able to improve my socialising skills and learn how to interact and converse with not only kids my age, but kids older and younger than me.

As I’ve taken triple Science and Economics as options for GCSEs in school, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to become an Economic banker when I finish university.

Adam (second picture):

I got involved with Salmon a few years ago when a youth worker invited me to gym club here. When I went, I realised that there are many more activities happening at Salmon so I started taking part in music, gym and the general youth club every week.

I chose Salmon as my work experience placement because I come here a lot and I wanted to know what Salmon felt like on the other side, as a worker instead of a young person.

I have been able to gain better social skills and to experience knowing what it feels like to work with younger people. I’ve also been able to see how Salmon is giving back to the young people of the community.

Once I leave school, I would like to carry on writing music and study A Level Business and Physical Education in sixth form or college.

Melanie (third picture):

A friend of mine spoke to me about Salmon and I was interested so I decided to come on Fridays for the 14-16s mixed club, which I like.

I chose Salmon as my work experience placement because I wanted to work with young people and to do sports with them, such as football, basketball and trampoline.

I also wanted to see how it would feel working with and supporting staff members. I have learnt how to socialise with people and how to engage with supporting staff in activities.

When I am older I want to be a nurse because I like to help people.

Milad (fourth picture):

I got involved in Salmon when a staff member invited me for a football and gym session and I realised that there were even more enjoyable activities on offer. I think that if you’re new to the area, Salmon gives you a good chance to make friends.

I chose Salmon as my work experience placement because I enjoy coming here and I thought it would be a good experience to have.

I have been able to gain better social skills and to experience how it feels like to be treated like an adult.

Once I finish school, I want to be in a football academy so I can hopefully become a professional footballer.

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