Two weeks at Salmon: 3 young people tell their story…


Kumba, Michael and Wealth, all aged 15, were part of a group of five students from nearby schools who spent two weeks on work experience at Salmon during July. Here’s what they had to say about their time here…

“I was given the wonderful opportunity to choose my own work experience at school and I decided that Salmon Youth Centre would be a perfect placement for me as I have been interested in working with children and young people, but not in a classroom.

On my first day, I got to see how clubs run and the behind the scenes of Salmon. I was in awe at the effort the workers put in so each session matters to each young person – I never realised this when I came to club when I was younger.

Doing work experience here has helped me improve on my communication skills and my patience and I understand now how challenging it is to work with young people. I have learnt how it is to work in a team and work with different types of young people. I thank Salmon for this opportunity and I would like to pursue volunteer work here as well as youth work in the future.”


“Work experience at Salmon was a benefit to me because at the moment I’m trying to progress myself into becoming a footballer, but if that doesn’t work out I would like to be a sports coach and Salmon would be a suitable place for that role. I’m going to be leaving Salmon with a variety of skills, like time management and being able to organise myself. I can see myself applying to work here in the future considering that the environment is friendly.”


“My work experience was very chill and great as the staff in Salmon was so nice and welcoming, and also funny. For the first week I did a bit of admin work, helped at girls club, mixed club, dance club, art club, girls’ fitness, cooking and crafts, adventure club and had several briefings before the clubs started.

I really enjoyed my work experience as the timing was lovely, from 2pm to 8 pm, and I like how the atmosphere in Salmon was so friendly and energetic, especially when the kids are there.

I have learnt how to handle and deal with little children and improved on my communication skills and patience. Also I learnt how boring admin work is but that was overruled from being in the sessions with the kids! I loved my time at Salmon and would consider doing an apprenticeship here in the future.”


If you would like to do work experience at Salmon, get in touch with Jide…

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