You’re hired! Alex and Sy on going from apprentices to youth workers


Congratulations to Alex and Sy who have been promoted to trainee Youth Workers after successfully completing their 12-month Youth Work apprenticeship at Salmon!

Alex, 18, and Sy, 21, are now one step closer to their dream of being fully qualified youth workers.

Here they share their thoughts on receiving the news and what the new position means to them…

Alex (pictured left)

“I was a bit shocked to find out I was going to be kept on after my apprenticeship. It meant a lot to me. It was actually a big thing because it showed that Salmon trusts me and that I’ve been doing something correctly the whole time of my apprenticeship. It touched me to know that I mean something to the organisation.

I’ve really wanted to be a youth worker since the age of 14. Now it’s just within my grasp and I need to take hold of it and make it my own. I’m the only person who can make myself a great youth worker like the amazing staff team we have at Salmon. I only want to do them proud and do myself proud.”

Sy (pictured right)

I was excited and happy to find out about my new position of trainee youth worker – over-excited, in fact! I love this job; I love what I do – the news just made me happy!

I thought I had done well in my apprenticeship and done the right things but I didn’t know for sure until I got the confirmation. Next for me now is to keep doing what I’m doing and keep enjoying it day by day.”


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